Galaxy ClearVIEW Frameless Folding / Stacking Doors

Being involved in many New and Innovative Frameless Glass applications over the years, it seemed like an obvious step in the right direction to Engineer and Manufacture the ONLY Weather Resistant Frameless Folding door system along the Western Cape Coast.

Our extrusions for our Top and Bottom tracks have been specifically engineered to allow the sealing of the frameless Glass doors to prevent water leakages.

Our bottom track has a 26mm height difference from the outside to the inside – which allows the glass to seal against bottom extrusion.

Our top track has a 22mm lip that extends down for the glass to seal; this is unlike any of the current systems on the market.

Our Doors are hinged together to make it a Folding system – not stacking, this creates ease in opening and closing the system, as one smooth motion is needed.

Our hinges are manufactured in house and are the finest quality 316 Stainless Steel – no more aluminium bulkiness. This enables our doors to fold into a small compact area – only 25mm between panes of glass.

For doors up to 2400 in height 8mm TSG – Bright polished is used, with 10mm TSG being used up to heights of 3000mm, to create more stability in windy conditions we are able to fix a miniature hinge to the centre of the doors – also manufactured out of stainless steel.